SCD Day 20: Just Weird

My day began with two pieces of cheese.

I had a late lunch of those amazing sous vide eggs fromStarbucks.

And kale chips . . .

Ray and I had pizza for dinner and a salad of cabbage, avocado, green onion, lemon, salt and oil.

And then, after dinner, I took nuts and dabbed them with little bits of honey.  So good!


SCD 16: I Said No

When I checked into my hotel tonight, the lovely young man at the front desk asked “would you like a warm cookie?”

I hesitated… And said no.

And now I am at a lovely restaurant eating my dinner… Lentil soup!

And asparagus with a Romensco sauce and two poached eggs.

I was working on a letter of recommendation this morning, so Ray made me a lovely breakfast of steak without eggs.

I ate breakfast late and I missed lunch because I was driving to Spokane… But I stopped and had a package of nuts and drink a lot of water.

Not bad for a travel day!

SCD Day 15: Skipped One

Today I only ate two meals. 

It’s kind of a long story, but the nutshell is that I didn’t plan adequately and there was just too much to do!

This week is my biggest event of the year… 250 people are attending the conference that I have spent the better part of the year planning. 

So there were all kinds a little last minute things to do and I just ran out of time. 

Both meals, however, were delicious!

SCD Day 14: Day of Good Food!

So I was thrilled to go back to the template that my body is becoming really used to.

I sat outside on the deck in the sun listening to a webinar and told Ray, “you know what I would really like? Pinto beans and eggs over easy with avocado and tomato… “And I sat outside and sit my coffee while Ray went inside and made me this beautiful breakfast.

We had my favorite meal for lunch: ground beef, salad, black beans, and a few cherry tomatoes for color. Avocado just makes everything delicious.

For dinner, we had another beautiful salad, pinto beans, steak, and mushrooms that we caramelized and of the sonic glaze. Also delicious!

SCD Day 13: Cheat Day, Round II

Cheat day began with a normal breakfast… I had scrambled eggs, bacon, and smoked salmon for breakfast. Alas, there were no beans on the breakfast buffet.  I was a little worried that I would be hungry, but I was fine until lunch.

For lunch, I enjoyed this amazing bacon cheeseburger! I was going to get the fries, but I honestly just didn’t want them. So I had a beautiful salad instead.  I normally have bread at this restaurant, but I chose not to have it. By the time I finished my burger and my salad, I was very, very full!

But not too full for free candy! Last night, I was very sad to miss out on taking handfuls of candy to my room to eat in bed while I read a book… But I didn’t do it! However, I had a few handfuls periodically throughout the rest of the afternoon.

When I got home, Ray asked, “do you want a frozen macaroon before we go out?”  I absolutely did, even though I was not hungry. Turns out that frozen macaroons are amazing. You should definitely try one.

At the bar, I enjoyed two glasses of champagne and we all had some of this amazing appetizer… Potatoes Bravas.

And then we had dinner! I eat all of the noodles and half of the egg and all of the other yummy things. I did not drink all the broth, however… I was just getting really full.

Of course, there is always room for cake! Ray and I shared this huge slice of rainbow colored cake while watching a movie in bed. These are the morning after leftovers, which I threw away.

It was a good cheat day. I was happy that while I indulged, I never felt compelled to. It was just fun.

SCD Day 12: I Tried

So in terms of diet adherence, dinner tonight was not good. I was at a very fancy restaurant, and it was hard to modify any of the dishes to adapt to the template. I ended up asking the waiter to give me a side of the cassoulet beans… And the vegetables that came with my minuscule amount of chicken all definitely had sugar and cream in them.  However, as you can see, it was such tiny portions… It didn’t matter.

And I forgot to eat my red pill before my dinner.  I ate it after… Hopefully it will still impact my fat loss.

Not pictured is what I did not eat… The bread that came with the amuse Bouche… The bread that came before the meal… The stuffing (that made up a big portion of the chicken dish) … And the free dessert.

There are also free ice creams and all kinds of candy in the lounge in my hotel room… And I am not eating any of them. Instead I am drinking water and I’m about to listen to a weight-loss hypnosis CD.

I am disappointed in my dinner (so little food and definitely not how I wish to cheat), but I am hoping this doesn’t throw off my weight-loss too much.

I am still going to have an epic cheat day on Sunday!

SCD Days 9, 10, 11: A Round Up

Tuesday, Day 9

Yet another disappointing food day.

I had leftover frittata for breakfast and crappy buffet food for lunch.

Dinner, however, was good: Ray made pork chops and sauerkraut and bacon in the crockpot, which we ate over a salad with garbanzo beans.  I was really hungry by the time I got home, so I was almost done when I realized I had forgotten to take a picture.  

That’s the first meal I’ve not photo-documented.  If you want to see what it looked like, however, you can look at my lunch on Wednesday to get an idea.

Wednesday, Day 10

Much better.  We had finally eaten all the frittata, so I had eggs sautéed with olive oil, pinto beans, and salad for breakfast.  My favorite!

For lunch, I had the same dinner as the night before: slow cooker pork chops, sauerkraut, and bacon over a green salad.

I wasn’t very hungry at dinner, but I made some roasted vegetables (asparagus and onions) and paired a piece of roasted chicken thigh with sautéed garbanzo beans.  Pretty delicious.

Thursday, Day 11

This morning I was running late, so Ray made me breakfast.  It was sunny, finally, and so we tried to eat it outside on the deck, but it was too cold.

For lunch I had leftovers from last night’s dinner.

And for dinner I made a taco salad with ground beef, lime, and black beans– I spiced the beef with cayenne and red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.  I bought some avocados but they are still bit too hard to eat.