About this Blog

Are you the kind of person who . . .

  • stays up late at night reading cookbooks or books about healthy eating (think Whole 30, or the latest iteration of the Well Fed series) on your Kindle because the potential of the dishes you might make literally makes you too excited to sleep;
  • comes home from a long day at work and instantly opens the fridge to see what ingredients are speaking to each other so you can pull them out and start chopping . . . for you, this is meditative, relaxing, and rejuvenating;
  • True Confession Time: You actually enjoy grocery shopping, and not just at farmer’s markets, but at the Safeway that’s closest to your house;
  • Bringing home beautiful vegetables from the Farmer’s Market (or unpacking your CSA box) is the closest you come to the feeling you had Christmas mornings as a child;
  • possess great creativity and has a dream of doing something big (write a novel, let’s say) who yearns to have a balanced and calm body and mind so you can do your life’s work justice;
  • wants to do something like the Clean Program or Whole 30 or shift to a Paleo template (or some other life-style, paradigm shifting diet) but it feels overwhelming.  I mean . . . what the heck do you actually EAT for 3 meals a day?

If so, then you might enjoy this blog.

While I love knowledge and read voraciously on a gamut of topics related to health, well-being, and food . . . I know that strategy approach (change your behavior and then reflect on the changes and experiences that result . . . to resolve to go deeper and deeper so you’re not just an automaton blinding following the next thing) is what leads to lasting transformation.  Therefore, my blog posts are my way to make sense of everything I’m reading and see what it looks like in practice . . . for me.  Essentially, I’m writing the kind of blog posts that, after I read a book like the Whole 30 or The Clean Program, I want to read.  For example, I have read the Whole 30 Timeline 2.0 so many times that I cannot count.  I’ve never done a Whole 30 successfully . . . but I want to . . . so I can write my own version!

Right now, the types of posts I write are records of my 30 day elimination diets, so you can see what I’m eating, read what I’m doing, thinking, and feeling.  I’m currently engaged in a combination of Tim Ferris’s Slow Carb Diet (the SCD) and the Flash Diet.

I’ve done this before, on a different blog, Cleansing the Novelist, under a pseudonym, Sophia Moore, because I was too worried about what people would think to write under my own name.  Sometimes I go back and re-read it, and I am always amazed at what I have forgotten about that time in my life . . . and who I was then.

So read this to find out what I’ve been reading . . . how I’m synthesizing it and putting it into practice . . . never hesitate to reach out to me with questions or comments!

Much love,