21 Day Fix: Day 2

I am sore.  Oh my God, so sore… Like the kind where it hurts to lower myself into a chair or squat down to pick up dog poop.  

Even my neck muscles are sore.

So yeah… That first workout yesterday was killer.

So today’s eating started out well.  Ray loves oatmeal, so last night I made overnight oats.

My breakfast today was one yellow (oatmeal), one red (2% Greek yoghurt), and 1/4 orange (1 teaspoon of chia seeds, hemp hearts, and coconut flakes).

For lunch I had a shakeology (vegan strawberry) mixed with water.

For a snack when I got home, I had three grays (1 t of almond butter, 2 t of tahini) and two yellows (white beans).  

I puréed the white beans with the tahini, thinned it with water and fresh squeezed lemon juice until I got the consistency I wanted, added salt for seasoning, and then heated it because it’s raining and I felt like I wanted something warm.

    I’m going to go do my workout and then have fun in the kitchen!

    My workout was not as good as yesterday’s. I haven’t bought the weights yet, so I just did the motions with cans of beans in my hand for weight… Not very effective.

    However, there were tons of push-ups in one minute planks and ab work, so at least I got those done with integrity.

    I am buying the weights tomorrow.

    For dinner, I used 2 greens (water sautéed Swiss chard), 1 red (chopped chicken breast), 1 blue (feta cheese), and 1 gray (1 t olive oil).  I squeezed a fresh lemon over it to heighten all the flavors.

    After my walk with the dogs, I made a really decadent smoothie: 1 red (protein powder), 2 purple (mixed berries), and 3/4s orange (coconut and ground flax seed).  To be honest, it felt a little too indulgent and it made a LOT of smoothie … So now I am too full and feel like I cheated, and not in the fun kind of way where I got away with something.

    Today I still had 2 greens left over.

    Oh well– tomorrow is another day, right?


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