21 Day Fix: Day 1

I woke up this morning excited about this experiment in portion control.

For breakfast, I carefully measured out a red container (3/4s of a cup) of yoghurt (Greek, 2%) and a purple container (1cup) of mixed berries.  I then took a teaspoon and topped it with a mix of coconut, hemp hearts, and chia seeds (1/4 of an orange, I believe).  

It was delicious and quite filling.  Ray and I sat in our sunroom and sipped coffee and Bird stared at us longingly from his spot outside on the patio until we let him in and gave him breakfast.
I didn’t adequately food prep and this morning was busy, so around noon I drank a chocolate shakeology (red) with plain water.

I came home hungry, but I wanted to get my first workout in.  Total body cardio with Autumn.

I’m still shaking.  

I did all the exercises for the full time Autumn said to while I  focused on pushing myself while keeping my form.  I need to get the weights they recommend.  Even without weights it was still hard, though.  I was definitely sweating, breathing hard, and I couldn’t talk.
After my workout, I made dinner.

This dish is two reds (chopped chicken breast),  two greens (bok Choy, green onion and garlic), 1/4 orange (1 t sesame seeds), and 2 grays (2 t oil).  

I sautéed the green onions and garlic in 1 t olive oil after water sautéing the bok choy.  I seasoned it with 1 t sesame oil, 1 t sesame seeds, 2 t fish sauce, and 2 t rice wine vinegar.  In hindsight, I wish I had toasted the sesame seeds.
I swept the house while talking to my friend Melissa (who is also doing beach body), and I finally unpacked from my girls’ weekend (this week has been so crazy)!

7:30 Snack: my final gray (1 t almond butter) and 1 purple (cherries)

Now I’m going to walk a bored and petulant Bird and listen to a podcast.

Update: After my walk, I had a snack of blackberries (1 purple), feta cheese (1 blue), and a teaspoon of chia seeds, coconut, and hemp hearts (1/4 orange).

Then I had 4 ounces of red wine (a yellow) which you can do 3 times a week.

So if I have done my math right for the Plan B diet, I still have

  • 2 greens (so two servings veg)
  • 2 yellows (2 servings of carbs)

I hope I’m doing this right!

I also have a lot of water to drink before bed– I need to have about 10 cups to meet my quota.

I’ve also got some massive food prep to do. We have a ton of vegetables that must be eaten– it’s CSA season!

All in all, a great day 1.


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