SCD Day 13: Cheat Day, Round II

Cheat day began with a normal breakfast… I had scrambled eggs, bacon, and smoked salmon for breakfast. Alas, there were no beans on the breakfast buffet.  I was a little worried that I would be hungry, but I was fine until lunch.

For lunch, I enjoyed this amazing bacon cheeseburger! I was going to get the fries, but I honestly just didn’t want them. So I had a beautiful salad instead.  I normally have bread at this restaurant, but I chose not to have it. By the time I finished my burger and my salad, I was very, very full!

But not too full for free candy! Last night, I was very sad to miss out on taking handfuls of candy to my room to eat in bed while I read a book… But I didn’t do it! However, I had a few handfuls periodically throughout the rest of the afternoon.

When I got home, Ray asked, “do you want a frozen macaroon before we go out?”  I absolutely did, even though I was not hungry. Turns out that frozen macaroons are amazing. You should definitely try one.

At the bar, I enjoyed two glasses of champagne and we all had some of this amazing appetizer… Potatoes Bravas.

And then we had dinner! I eat all of the noodles and half of the egg and all of the other yummy things. I did not drink all the broth, however… I was just getting really full.

Of course, there is always room for cake! Ray and I shared this huge slice of rainbow colored cake while watching a movie in bed. These are the morning after leftovers, which I threw away.

It was a good cheat day. I was happy that while I indulged, I never felt compelled to. It was just fun.


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