SCD Day 12: I Tried

So in terms of diet adherence, dinner tonight was not good. I was at a very fancy restaurant, and it was hard to modify any of the dishes to adapt to the template. I ended up asking the waiter to give me a side of the cassoulet beans… And the vegetables that came with my minuscule amount of chicken all definitely had sugar and cream in them.  However, as you can see, it was such tiny portions… It didn’t matter.

And I forgot to eat my red pill before my dinner.  I ate it after… Hopefully it will still impact my fat loss.

Not pictured is what I did not eat… The bread that came with the amuse Bouche… The bread that came before the meal… The stuffing (that made up a big portion of the chicken dish) … And the free dessert.

There are also free ice creams and all kinds of candy in the lounge in my hotel room… And I am not eating any of them. Instead I am drinking water and I’m about to listen to a weight-loss hypnosis CD.

I am disappointed in my dinner (so little food and definitely not how I wish to cheat), but I am hoping this doesn’t throw off my weight-loss too much.

I am still going to have an epic cheat day on Sunday!


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