SCD Day 8: Tim Warned Me

There’d be days like this.

I was definitely not hungry this morning.  Nor was I inspired to eat this huge piece of frittata with a side of beans.  However, he advises getting 30 g of protein at breakfast, and this is pretty close.  So, as I was eating, I remembered something he writes in The 4 Hour body… That sometimes, it’s going to feel like you are force-feeding yourself.

That’s exactly how I felt then… And that’s how I feel now, as I eat my lunch.

Speaking of lunch . . . my midday meal, composed of leftovers, is uninspiring and unphotogenic.

However, I have had an enormously productive morning with hardly any coffee.   Rather than drink endless cups to fuel my workflow and stave off the midafternoon slump I normally experience, I sipped slowly on a cup of Yerba mate, and it was delicious.

And, even though the scale doesn’t indicate it, I am losing weight. My clothes are fitting differently.  My naked tummy looked significantly smaller when I caught a glimpse of it in the mirror this AM on my way to the shower.  When I try to grab flesh in the area between my neck and shoulder… There is significantly less to grab.

When I got home for dinner, I was less than inspired, but I utilized the leftover salad greens, roasted some veggies (cauliflower, green beans, onion) in olive oil, large-diced an avocado, and then tossed it all with fresh lemon.  I also broiled a piece a mahi mahi with guava salt, pepper, and more oil.  It was delicious.


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