SCD Week One: Recap

There are a few things I want to record after one week of sticking to the Slow Carb Diet, and a few notes I’d like to make for posterity.


Day Weight Body Fat
Monday 175.8 37.4
Tuesday 172.7 37.2
Wednesday 173.6 37.1
Thursday 173.4 37.2
Friday 173.8 37.2
Saturday 174.3 37.2
Sunday 174.9 37.2

So technically, at the end of week 1, I lost .9 pounds and .2% body fat.  

Not amazing.  BUT . . . there are things I could have done better to improve.  Ferris specifically cautions against these three things as slowing fat loss, and I’ve been guilty of all three:

  • Too much wine. I’m not sure exactly what “two glasses” of wine is, but while I stuck to two glasses of wine every day, they were big ones.  Really big ones.  So I’m confident I had more than the recommended amount.
  • Too many nuts.  One night I added toasted nuts to the green beans, and then, after dinner, I ate all the rest of the nuts I was saving to add to other green veggies later in the week.  Then Ray bought a huge container of those salted nuts from Costco (cashews, pecans, etc.) and a few times I found myself binging on nuts.  Yes, binging.
  • Not enough water.   Mostly likely enough said. I drink too much coffee and wine . . .and not enough water.

So I’m going to work on these three things this week.  Measure my wine, drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water, and stay away from the nuts.

Here are a few things I did well that make me proud:

  • Supplementation: I took my supplements from Primal Blueprint Master Formula twice a day every day.
  • Template: Every meal I had contained greens, protein, and legumes.  Sometimes I am not good about eating greens (I have good intentions about tossing those fresh roasted sweet potatoes with a salad, but then they are just so good on their own  . . .) , but I successfully integrated a large amount of greens with every meal this week.
  • No Sugar: I had no sugar (except for the naturally occurring sugar that occurs in veggies, for example) the entire week (until the cheat day, of course).
  • No Gluten: I didn’t eat any gluten the entire week (until the cheat day).
  • No White food: except for white beans with one meal, which I think is ok.
  • In general remembering to post pictures of what I ate every day  . . . and blogging every day too.

NonScale Victories

  • Tons of energy!  I was super productive.  I got SO MUCH DONE this week.
  • Tons of energy (2)!  I always wanted to get out and walk Bird while I listened to an edifying podcast that would improve my work performance.
  • Easy meal planning/prep.  I love to cook, but sometimes planning meals, buying ingredients, etc. is just overwhelming. So this template makes it easy to have a variety of food in the house that is easy to put together into a delicious meal quickly.  So I get to cook every night, which makes me delighted.
  • Feeling full and then stopping eating.

What I’m Looking Forward to in Week 2:

  • Seeing what impact the supplementation, combined with the diet, does to impact weight loss.
  • Continuing to blog and take pictures of my food.
  • Experimenting with different food combinations using the template to see what new creative pairings I can come up with.
  • Doing this thing for my body, health, wellness, mind, creativity.

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