SCD Day 6: Hello, Old Friend

My breakfast, this morning, contained kidney beans.

I don’t like kidney beans.  I have this vivid childhood memory of picking all of the kidney beans out of my mom’s chili and only eating the rice and meat and tomato sauce.

It made eating chili a very slow process.

So this morning, when I opened up the ground beef that I had prepared on Wednesday . . . I discovered Ray had mixed it with pinto beans.

“I thought you said you were beginning to like them,” he said in his defense.  So I have said that before. But I didn’t want to admit it.  So I sulked for a while and I’m sure I was adorable doing it.  You should ask Ray about that.

However, because loving Ray challenges me to be my best self, and I do want to be an adult . . . I heated up the meat and pinto beans with a smile and cooked four eggs.

When I brought Ray his dish, he said “that looks delicious.”

And you know what? He was right.  Not only that it looked delicious… It was delicious. So I will eat kidney beans again.

Does this mean I’m an adult?

Or merely that Ray is always right?


So I may have neglected to mention that there is a weekly cheat day embedded in the program.  Ray came home from the March for Science starving . . . Bearing macaroons, this green pat of sweetened sticky rice (still warm!) and two Bahn Mi from the Nom Nom deli.  Readers of previous blogs will know and remember our search of the best Ban Mi in Vietnam– specifically Hoi An, but that is another story.  🙂

So we each ate a macaroon from our favorite bakery, Gotti Sweets, and then tucked in to the sticky rice for dessert.  After lunch, before we piled in to the truck to drive around Oly in the rain looking at houses for sale, we had another macaroon.

Then Ray got to work in the yard and I took Bird for a walk while I listened to a webinar about webinars (I’m so meta).

At happy hour, I got to have the thing that I was most missing– a glass of champagne at happy hour.

Shortly before dinner, my friend Jesse called to tell me she was in Olympia with her daughter, Molly, so I invited them to go to dinner with us at Izzy’s buffet.

They accepted– food chaos ensues.  You may wish to avert your eyes.


These pictures do not show the food that I ate off of other peoples’ plates… The bites of macaroni and cheese, the fried potato, the still-warm cinnamon rolls, and other little tidbits along the way (like the really garlicky cheesy bread).

Here is one thing I am noticing as a result of just a week on this diet… Normally, I could eat like this and be fine.

But last night, I felt sick.

We still had all kinds of dessert in the house to enjoy it when we got home, and we just couldn’t do it.

Cheat Day Wrap-Up

We didn’t do the grapefruit juice recommended, nor did we do the supplementation Ferris recommends.  And we didn’t do the exercises.  You can read more about what that means (and why) here.

I ordered the supplements on Wednesday and they arrived on Saturday just as we were finishing lunch . . .

So next week, we will be prepared to do the cheat day better.


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