SCD Day 5: Going Strong!

This morning I did not want to make breakfast.

I got out all of our leftovers to see what I might bring for lunch today… And what I might be able to eat for breakfast.

I quickly decided that reheating fish and brussels sprouts in a microwave in a meeting room would not make me very popular or a kind person.  So I thought I would eat that for breakfast… But it just looked so unappetizing!  I kept thinking of what an awful picture it would make.

However, I also felt tired of cooking . . . And I am dressed up today because we have an event in Seattle, and I didn’t want to get hot fat splattered on my black silk blouse.
As I did not have enough beans for breakfast and lunch, I figured what the heck.

I opened a can of pinto beans and began sautéing them in oil… And they looked so good that I thought, why not?

So I added some eggs…

And then I diced an avocado because we have a long day . . . And then spritzed it all with some lime juice to sort of freshen the whole dish.

It was delicious. I’m really glad I did that.

Because this afternoon, there will be cookies.

I just have to hold strong until the cheat day we have scheduled for tomorrow.
That’s why I am thrilled there is this blog… Because if I eat a cookie, I have to take a picture of it, and I have to post it to the blog!

So I have packed a lunch, and I ate a good breakfast… And I have the whole flash diet thing… I’m good. I’ll keep you posted as the day unfolds.



Celebrated with steak, black beans, asparagus, and a salad dressed with lime and salt– a margarita salad!


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