SCD Day 3: Feeling a Bit Flat

So here is my breakfast– the now-ubiquitous black beans, eggs, and spinach.  It’s very good– delicious, in fact– but I feel bad that you all have to look at the same picture over and over.

Therefore, I tried to plate it differently for this morning’s photo.

Although . . . now that I look at my other two photos, I see that I used pinto beans the last two mornings.  The magic of the photos is already paying off in terms of my faulty food memory!

So this morning, at my weigh-in, I was 173.6 pounds and 37.1% body fat– so down .1 in both categories.  Nothing epic, to be sure, but i like recording this sort of thing.

I don’t feel euphoric today, but I wouldn’t blame that on the diet.  Rather, I’ve been getting a lot of surges of creativity and getting a lot done and feeling great for a period of weeks now . . . and I think this feeling of flatness could be . . . hmmm . . . what would be the metaphor?

Eye of the storm?  Calm before another storm?  Why do I only have storm metaphors?

So today I’m trying to remember that I’ve been uber productive recently– working myself hard– and that part of eating well and healthfully indicates I’m coming into, hopefully, an equilibrium.

So I’m looking forward to updating as the day and the diet progresses: we’ll see how I settle in.


Ground lamb, sprouted lentils, spinach.  And hot sauce.  Love it!

DinnerChicken thighs, green beans with sautéed garlic and toasted almonds, black beans.


7 Replies to “SCD Day 3: Feeling a Bit Flat”

    1. Thank you, Mary! I so appreciate your support and encouragement. I love that metaphor of the exhale of a creative cycle. I’m going to use that!

  1. Curious if the plan includes measuring or calorie counting in some way. The lunch looks big & I’m guessing the dinner is for both you & Ray, but I couldn’t eat that much in a day…but then I’m old.

    1. I’m noticing that while my portions are big, I’m starting to require smaller and smaller amounts of food to feel full. I’m interested to see my portion sizes during week two.

    1. Actually, that lunch was just mine . . . 🙂 Ferris says you don’t count calories, and the certain foods you can eat in unlimited quantities (like black beans) and others you eat in moderation (like garbanzo beans).

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