SCD Day 2: Starting Out Right

You know, and img_2863I know, that the sole metric of pounds lost is not very useful or helpful.  However, I feel compelled to write that this morning, when I weighed myself . . .

  • 172.7 pounds (3.1 pound difference from yesterday)
  • 37.2 % body fat (.2 percent difference from yesterday)

Water weight, obvs.  But fun to track on the FitBit app because it shows you a graph, and I really love graphs.  Because science.

While I did stay in bed a full half hour after my alarm went off (it is raining, and I love to cuddle up to Ray and listen to the rain in the early morning), I did achieve a few things this morning:

  • I ate my 30 grams of protein (see picture of my breakfast) within a half hour of when I woke up (that is, if you’re not being a purist because I threw it together as soon as I entered the kitchen, so I was in the spirit of the rule, yes?);
    • One quick observation: normally I am not hungry in the mornings.  But this morning? Ravenous!  My stomach even growled!  I can’t remember the last time that happened.
  • I ate the same meal as yesterday (2 eggs, 1/2 cup of pinto beans, generous handfuls of spinach) because Tim Ferris says the thing that will break you is lack of repetition;
  • I took a picture of that meal (the flash diet thing);
  • I pulled out a few key items from our freezer (grass-fed ground lamb, chicken thighs, two salmon fillets, and a piece of mahi mahi) to defrost so I’m not scrambling when I get home tonight for dinner . . . and I need to start packing lunches.  So cooking fest tonight!

I’m excited to try out different combinations of meat and veg and bean, and that means stocking the freezer, fridge, and pantry thoughtfully.

I stopped by Safeway last night on the way home to get black beans (how could we be out of black beans?  In whose home does that happen?) and they were the kind that you get bonus monopoly points for.  Ray is playing the Safeway monopoly game  for us and I’m certain my dedication to bringing him home the cards (I like to knock on the window when he is out in the yard and then fan out all the monopoly cards so he can see how many I got for him) is the secret to winning millions.  So that’s happening.

I also need to get lentils today. Salmon and lentils is a classic, so I want to cook the lentils with red onion and garlic, sous vide the salmon (we are getting a new sous vide because the old one broke– yay!), and then serve it all over a bed of lightly dressed greens with fresh lemon and herbs– tarragon, perhaps. My sister made an amazing orange vinaigrette out of the whole 30 cookbook for our Easter salad, and it was so fragrant and fabulous. I think that would be a great dressing for this combination.

I also love the idea of chicken thighs and chard with lentils . . . And I’m excited to roast Brussels sprouts and the green beans . . . And pair them with lamb and white beans.

But right now it is time to take my supplements and go to work.  I’ll post updates throughout the day (and pics of my lunch and dinner)!


Salmon, white beans, salad, lemon.


Ground lamb, sprouted lentils, roasted Brussels Sprouts, lemon.


2 Replies to “SCD Day 2: Starting Out Right”

  1. “One quick observation: normally I am not hungry in the mornings. But this morning? Ravenous! My stomach even growled! I can’t remember the last time that happened.”

    This is a huge one…most people in the states do not know what feeling hungry is like…actually like. Not starving — but hungry.

    The routine for most is as follows — wake up…eat…lunch time…eat…dinner Eating simply because it is ‘time’ not because they are hungry. I myself fall into this from time to time.

    Very stoked you had the realization about this & keep it up!

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